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CB Investment Management transforms investment experience and results by systematically executing on the principles and practices of the most successful investors.

“Best Investor” standards can be measured by a few simple metrics which provide the most productive objectives and assessments of your long term investment journey.

Enjoy the “low risk road to high returns” with clarity and transparency in real time.

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CB Investment Management: Registered Investment Adviser

Chris Belchamber holds a Math MA from Oxford University. He has been an investment professional since 1984. His first investment book was published by Credit Suisse First Boston in 1988. He was recruited by JPMorgan in 1989 to run their UK Sterling Bond Sales and Trading and then focused on Proprietary Trading, where he was promoted to Managing Director. He presented JPMorgan’s UK Bond Market’s development paper, endorsed by Margeret Thatcher, to the Bank of England in 1989. In 2003, he started his RIA in the US. He enjoys music, reading, writing, and almost any sport, and is currently an active golfer.

Chris Belchamber - Registered Investment Adviser

Get On the Best Investor Track Right Now

Best Investor Standards challenge Wall Street myths and mantras.

Don’t waste your time and money any longer.

Every Investor can transition to Best Investors standards, and guidance and implementation is available at every stage and detailed in the book. The first step is to develop and then strengthen your “Investment Mindset Framework” to optimize your decision process. Then the performance grid shows four relationships between return and risk when you invest. Best Investors are crystal clear on the crucial relationship between risk and return and what works and why. This provides a clear focus for what you are looking for when you invest and how to go about it. The performance grid is an important tool that should be available to you to assess your investing in real time and over any period. When you apply Best Investor metrics and methodology to your own investment strategies and portfolio you will begin to see a transformation.

Read the Book: Invest Like the Best

In Amazon #1 bestseller “Invest Like the Best,” Chris Belchamber reveals a clearer and surprisingly simple structure that can be easily understood and adopted.

“Discerning and actionable investment advice.”

– Kirkus Review

“Those looking to put a stamp on their personal finances can start two steps ahead with this book.”

– Entrepreneur Magazine

Learn the wisdom and experience of the great investment practitioners. Find out how you can address market reality, and expose confused thinking.

Invest Like the Best by Chris Belchamber is an Amazon #1 Bestseller


How to Make Best Investor Standards Empower You and Transform Your Investment Experience

“Investing like the best can lower your stress and risk levels while bringing you higher, long-term returns. It can provide a stable platform for planning and give you more financial security now and for the rest of your life.”


The Federal Reserve’s Inflation Predicament Is a Game Changer for Policy, the Economy, and Markets

Recorded at the Moneyshow Virtual Expo 10/19-10/21/2021.

Chris Belchamber's Macro Process of Investment Management

Find Out Your
Best Investor Ranking

A short quiz tells you how your current approach stands up on Best Investor metrics. Your current assumptions, habits, and decision process can be measured against proven standards of risk management. Check out where there is room for development.

Get Your Risk and Return Outlook

Looking at just short term returns tells you very little. Once you understand the performance grid, you can make a better assessment. Schedule a FREE consultation with Chris Belchamber to find out where your asset management falls on the risk-return grid and how you can move towards Best Investing standards.

Chris Belchamber Investment Risk Management
Chris Belchamber' Quant Model

See the Pure Quant Model in Action

Money management techniques can boost the long-term returns by lowering risk, even with the same purchases at the same times! By lowering risk, you’re preserving capital AND compound returns at a higher rate over a lifetime. This model can be applied to your portfolio choices TODAY.

Chris Belchamber Financial Research and Planning

Access to the Interactive Masterclass “Invest Like The Best”

Go deeper into “Invest Like The Best.” Learn interactively with Chris.

20% Off Financial Planning

Think Financial Planning is linear and simple? Or do you need constant access to the best Financial planning to help you navigate through life’s twists and turns while keeping your ultimate goals in mind. No matter what the market throws at you, you can stay on track with the right planning.

CB Investment Management Financial Planning Brochure

“An Investment in Knowledge Pays The Best Interest”

– Ben Franklin

Industry-Best Research

The best test of any research is whether it can stand alone as a separate business. Naturally independent research involves costs, and time to find and implement. However, can you really compete without the best research? You can research on your own or hire an advisor who has done all the work for you and covers the cost. Chris has devoted over four decades to researching and writing. Visit our research page and see how you can get on the low-risk road to high returns. 

Demand “Radical Transparency”

Radical Transparency, Best Investor Tools & Market Access

Only through the best online broker can the ultimate investment options be realized.

Investment Management

Belchamber’s unique understanding and focus of how to combine the best available investment models can provide significant return-for-risk improvements relative to widely used benchmarks.

Market Insights

Our blogs, emails and postings on social media provide key insights into markets and the economy as well as updates on strategies, backed with cutting edge research explained in terms investors can understand quickly

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